Backpacks, Soft Sewn and Welded Cases and Custom Tote Bag Suppliers In China 

Our soft stitched segment offers a wide range of possibilities. We aim to be your go-to source for bespoke custom tote bag suppliers in China. Along with leather goods, a tonnes of straps, belts, and other accessories, we also produce tactical backpacks, medical bags, protective pouches, holsters, camera backpacks, duffle bags, dry bags, covers, totes, dry bags, cooler bags, and more. If you have a sketch of your bag, we’d be happy to provide you with an estimate for its manufacturing, either at our facilities in China or through one of our factories in Asia. We also create bespoke backpacks. Stop waiting. Contact BagsCase right now, and let’s work together to increase your bottom line.  

Cases and custom tote bags created to order in Asia and China

Unique Dry Bags

Quality bespoke soft-stitched products are required by sports teams, fire and police departments, and more. They use BagsCase for their projects because we provide flexibility in terms of manufacturer selection, product quality, delivery choices, and logistics, in addition to flexible payment plans.


In the US, backpacks—particularly the tactical varieties—are very popular. We develop personalised versions of backpacks and totes with additional features, unique colours, and custom finishing choices for a variety of businesses, including import, wholesale, and retail.


There are belts, aprons, backpacks, sheaths, pouches, and more. Our artisans produce goods of excellent quality at fair prices.

Everything else is Sewn

There are belts, aprons, backpacks, sheaths, pouches, and more.

China-made stitching for over 20 years

Our main office in Xiamen, China, has our almost 20-year-old sewing floor. Nearly 150 sewing machines are working on our sewing floor to produce soft cases, bags, and other items for clients that need speedier delivery. We are custom tote bag suppliers in China, holsters, belts and other soft-stitched prototypes are all made here.

Your pick of soft-sewn outsourced items created in China and Asia

The cost might occasionally be the main determinant of whether or not your soft-sewn things are successful in the market. To assist you to keep your costs down, we may produce your totes and other goods from all the custom tote bag suppliers in China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each factory has a member of our quality control team that makes sure that what you designed is what you get. Our logistics professionals handle your delivery, plan shipments, and source freight. Our divisions collaborate to provide a high-quality, efficient procedure for the manufacturing of your soft-sewn bags.

Engineering & Design

A quality product starts with research and your company’s objective, followed by great design. No matter if the bags and cases are soft-sewn, weld-made, or have hard shells, our experienced designers will use your designs and expert equipment to assure a bespoke fit each and every time at BagsCase.

The last touches

Our finishing choices make sure your product is completely original. There are numerous possibilities available, and BagsCase can assist you in selecting the finest ones to distinguish your goods from competitors.


Save money on future taxes by storing with us! We have over 19 years of expertise in inventory management, logistics, and storage. You have a competitive advantage thanks to our custom tote bag suppliers in China with time ability.

BagsCase. Custom your bags effortlessly!


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