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BagsCase is a diverse manufacturer of soft-sewn carryings and semi hard shell bags, as well as custom injection/blow molded hard cases, bags and holsters. Our custom bag factories in China serves various industries worldwide, including military, medical, electronics, optical, tooling, cosmetics, media, travel, and premiums.

Custom backpacks, soft sewn & seamless welding bags, briefcases made of leather, duffles & dry bags, backpacks for hiking, and laptop bags.

Our soft stitched & welding custom bag factory in China offers a wide range of possibilities. Custom backpacks, duffles, pouches, holsters, drawstring bags, covers, totes, leather goods, a tonne of straps, and other items are available. We are skilled in creating bespoke bags using materials like polyester, nylon, RPET, neoprene, tarpaulin, canvas, non-woven, cotton, leather, TPU, PU, PVC, Suede, etc.

In our bulk bags factory production In China, we work from conception to production. Our two decades of design and production expertise in this field enable us to recommend to you the best materials and manufacturing tech with useful and stylish materials like waterproof, lightweight, environmentally friendly, high-strength, and anti-tear under a competitive price range. 

Standing out your brand with quality gears details now with BagsCase.

Manufacturer Services and Products for Custom EVA Cases. Waterproof cases made to order, with or without foam inserts.

With our bulk bags factory production In China, you have a huge selection of colours, features, and sizes to pick from thanks to custom ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) case production. From our custom bag factory in China EVA cases may be moulded to fit your product and are lightweight and attractive. You may be confident that your items are manufactured of premium semi-grid, incredibly soft cushions, and high-durability materials.

In addition to EVA cases’ excellent protective capabilities, consumers are increasingly reconstructing their bags with EVA components. We are experts in combining several manufacturing processes, such as soft sewing, welding, EVA shells, and even hard injections, so your goods will always stand out from those made with conventional single-producing processes like standard soft sewing.

Together with BagsCase, let’s create your next case.

Waterproof Cases, Rotomolding, Injection Molding, and Vacuum Forming. Luggage, ABS cases, PP cases, and plastic cases.

Waterproof cases made to order, with or without foam inserts, simple everyday tools to bulky sound equipment may all be transported in blow-moulded carrying containers since they are strong and lightweight. Hard Polypropylene Plastic Tool Carrying Cases From Injection Moulds Materials including ABS, PP, PC, PA, PMMA, PS, and POM may be readily available.

Your unique projects in our bulk bags factories production In China will benefit from our skilled plastic injection production skills and in-house design/engineering team. Additionally, we provide online personalised on-demand services using our well-created bag builder. In our custom bag factory in China, you get exactly what you see. All of your orders that are requested on ready for shipment with custom logos will benefit from the available styles and stocks that are waiting for your online branded logo.

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Fast + Accurate

Our experienced in-house manufacturing team and long-standing relationship with top suppliers enables us to deliver products with unprecedented speed. In most cases, the lead time between order and delivery is 35 days or less. And our Air, Ocean and Land shipping partners will offer professional helps with:

· Door-to-door delivery
· Free on board delivery

High Quality

We support the world’s largest organizations and offer best-in-class quality controls. Details achieve quality, we taking care of  the details from materials, accessories, fitting and sewing, welding, injection, flow throught whole process:

· Incoming goods inspection
· In-line inspection
· Pre-shipment inspection
· Acceptable-quality-level test

Design + Innovation

From market samples to trend designs and cads, our designers consistently provide technically innovative, on-trend inspiration and design.The real magic happens when BagsCase transforms that perfect two dimensional concept into a living, three dimensional product.

Stocks + Bags builder

We have stocks hot selling designs for your online customization of private label, which will meet your urgent delivery projects with or without branded logo. And our “Print On Demand” custom bags builder will help you build the branded bags in minutes to gain the business chances effortless.

Compliant & Legal

We make sure your products are in compliance with local regulations and our suppliers are qualified.

· Corporate social responsibility audit
· Product risk assessment
· Local regulation standards
· Supplier licence verification

Competitive Prices

Through delicate process management and scientific raw material management, BagsCase can offer prices much lower than many rivals.

· Design-protopype-manufacture cost wholly
· Combination advantages of China + Asia
· Long-term agreements
· Against-budget projecting

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