Custom your BagsCase now

Online print or embroidery our stock blank bags and sell to your customers. 

BagCase is a custom bag case manufacturer in China. These builder and blank stock bags are primarily intended to assist customers who require an urgent delivery on custom logo projects in quantities less than the standard bulk production order (thousand units). BagsCase allows you to create and customise your own bags right now without having to wait.

Turn your ideas into premium bags by yourself; our ready-to-ship bags and custom bag builder will make your business easier. With our easy-to-use custom bag builder and blank stock bags, you can create quality custom bags with your own logo design in no time. All the customized styles are regular stocks with a blank logo, ready for print or embroidery with your logo, and delivered to worldwide addresses. BagsCase gives you the freedom to create and customise your own bags quickly and easily. All orders before payments will go to our sales executive for now. Whether you’re ordering one bag or one hundred, BagsCase, a custom bag case manufacturer in China, offers a comprehensive service that includes delivery to any address in the world. More stocks and designs will be updated monthly, and we are with you to make it easier. Throughout the ordering process and beyond, our customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

BagsCase is a manufacturer of soft-sewn carrying bags, semi-hard shell bags, and bespoke injection/blow moulded hard cases, bags, and holsters with a custom bag case manufacturing facility in China. Numerous industries, including the military, medical, electronics, optical, tooling, cosmetics, media, travel, and premiums, are served by our custom bag case manufacturer in China.

Many options are available from our soft stitched & welded bespoke bag factory inChina. It is possible to order custom backpacks, duffles, pouches, holsters, drawstring bags, covers, totes, leather goods, a tonne of straps, and other items. Using materials including polyester, nylon, RPET, neoprene, tarpaulin, canvas, non-woven, cotton, leather, TPU, PU, PVC, Suede, etc., we are competent at making custom bags.

Production of bulk bags in our facility We work from conception to production in China. We can recommend to you the best materials and manufacturing technology with practical and fashionable materials like waterproof, lightweight, environmentally friendly, high-strength, and anti-tear under a competitive price range thanks to our two decades of design and production expertise in this field. Using BagsCase, you can now stand out your brand with high-quality gear details.

You have the freedom to quickly and easily design and manufacture your own bags with BagsCase. Your business will be made easier by our ready-to-ship bags and bespoke bag builder. Every bag is made of standard stock and has a blank logo that may be printed or embroidered with your logo.

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