Guiding Innovation from Insights

At BagsCase’s design, we believe capturing market research insights from competitors is an important part of the brand & product development process and we offer this service.
As an 2 decade manufacturing background brand and product development consultants, BagsCase Designs expertise is in using competitors and products research to help companies position on his differences and increase sales, create innovation space, and understand consumers.

Brands Win on Experience

CX (customer experience) is the customer’s perspective across every interaction with your company. As customers’ expectations continue to rise, what once was “nice to have” is becoming make or break. As we know, 89% of companies that lead with customer experience perform financially better than their competitors. A good customer experience aligns the interaction a user has with the product itself to other aspects of the experience, ensuring that it is delivering on brand promises.

Developing stand-out customer experiences require intentionality and a holistic view. It’s important to step back and look at the big picture; crossing departments, teams, and channels to see the full experience through the eyes of the customer. The team at Bagscase Designs can help audit, ideate and develop strategies that will leave customers with experiences that meet, and even exceed expectations.

Product Design Services Integrated within Full Development

With nearly 20 years as an innovative manufacturer, BagsCase Designs has helped clients launch innovative bags and cases styles in many product categories including sporting goods, minitary, outdoor travel, medical, tool and promotional. Working with companies in a variety of industries over the years has taught us how to leverage our collective experience from one project to propel solutions in others.

Design for Manufacturing (DfM)

Every design solution is a compromise, balancing the needs of the end user with the needs of business and production. Our manufacturing experts strive for the best compromise before offering drawing to you, carefully considering options in our following divisions OEM components, manufacturing materials, fabrication processes, and assembly methods. We leverage advances in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and additive manufacturing to speed fabrication and reduce cost. By partnering with our team of engineers and prototype specialists, we aim to maintain the design intent while finding the best solution for the product.

Fabrics we use

Strong Fabrics

From designing cut and sew textiles to welded non-wovens and injections, we’ve worked with a wide variety of materials and manufacturing processes. To support our expertise in soft sewns, sime-hard and hard case design, twenty of our staff are dedicated soft goods developers. They continue to grow our deep relationships with domestic and international vendors to help clients realize product solutions.
Our design process includes conceptualization, developing specifications, fabricating rounds of prototypes, conducting supplier and material research, and providing manufacturing support through production. This unique strength is leveraged with our expertise in other areas to efficiently integrate soft goods design with hard components. We Expertise in Cut & Sew, Seamless Construction, Pattern Making, Sourcing, Technical Packages, Hard and Soft Goods Integration Material Exploration.

Prototype Development Fit to You

Our prototype team quickly adapts and provides effective solutions to support throughout the entire product development process. We identify the needs for each client on a project-by-project basis, and fabricate solutions that work. With such a diverse range in product categories, we have become familiar with all types of industries, and build products from the ground up, made from scratch.

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