Promotional Bags:The Ultimate FAQ Guide


We can define promotional bags as follow;

Promotional bags are the way of creating a physical manifestation of your brand advertising also. They are your advertising message & carriers quite literally. As a result they make your brand message tangible.



Why brands need promotional bag? What kind of bags are suitable for promotional use? Where can customize promotional bag? In modern life, advertisements are everywhere. Many companies choose to print their logo on some daily supplies, usually people will use these products for a long time. There are many such things, and of them all the best and cheapest product is promotional bag.In this era everyone looks for a customized bag that satisfy his needs all the ways .There are different kinds of promotional bags such as cheap promotional tote bags , canvas promotional bags,promotional plastic bags,promotional bags with logo etc.




Promotional Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1.1 Promotional bag is cheap

Budgets are limited, so sellers often opt for promotional shopping bags, promotional drawstring bags and duffle bags. Gift items for promotions are usually ordered in large quantities to reduce the unit price and stay within budget.See what companies make good quality cheaper  school backpacks;

1.2 Mobile promotion

Mcdonald’s uses custom  paper bags with logos to avoid plastic promotional bags for their take-out food because the logo on them will remain visible even when carried around. This is an effective method of promoting the company with minimal cost. It can be applied to other businesses by using products printed with a logo as a form of advertisement.


1.3 Durable promotional bags ( Promotional bags with logos )

The use of promotional bags is recommended as a better solution than paper cups for logos, since they are more durable and can be reused. The durability of these items gives customers the impression that your products will also last longer. In an invisible way, potential customers feel reliable about you and your brand due to this subtle influence.Custom bags with logo are cheap available here . Also see drawstring promotional bags.


When it comes to suitable bags for promotion, there are two important factors to consider. One is cost, which we mentioned above.

  • Function is an important factor when giving away promotional bags; multi-functional bag products are recommended. For computer brands, laptop bags printed with their logo can meet the needs of customers to protect and carry computers while exposing the brand more. Cosmetic sellers should consider giving promotional cosmetic bags that users can use to pack cosmetics and travel with in order to promote their brand.Also see medical backpacks here;

  • There are many similar products for you to choose from, such as promotional cooler bag, toiletry bag, shopping bag, laundry bag, duffle bag and drawstring bag. If your company has a wide range of business, or you want to give them to employees, you can choose to customize some bag products make your marketing more effective.

Promotional bags


3.1 Brand sellers

This kind of sellers has wide range of products and reputation. Or they enjoy good fame in some regions. They select relatively cheap promotional bags to contain their products. Lunch box, laptop and sports equipment. Take sports equipment as example, yoga mat generally equipped with a storage bag, the bag will expose your brand while enhancing user experience.

A more extreme example: in some countries, some customers will keep the shopping bags after buying clothing & shoes like Nike and Adidas. They will carry the shopping bag when hanging out as a fashion item. That is to say, the brand effect can be maximized in promotional shopping bag.

Such mode of marketing are often seen in food, cosmetic, luggage case and retail business.

3.2 Public Welfare Organizations

Many public welfare organizations and charity works donate backpack to children in poverty. Although these are not high grade backpack, they are durable, simple and low cost. Charity organizations can use limited fund to help more children. We produced backpack for UNICEF and helped many poor children in Africa.

3.3 Sports League

From local sports league to large international sport teams, every league has their own iconic logo or figure.They are in need of promotional duffle bag, it’s cheap enough but possess required function: waterproof, durable, portable and large capacity. A well organized club wear uniform clothes and bag to show they are professionals.

3.4 Activities

Shopping malls are always in big promotions, they likes to give out cheap promotional shopping bag or drawstring bag. Even the campaign activity will choose this: they put some little gifts and flyer in the bags and give out to people.


4.1 Silk printing

Silk printing is a versatile printing method that can be used on almost all textile products. It produces bright, fadeless colors and the cost is mainly determined by the number of colors and size of the area to be printed. If budgets are limited, single-colored logo silk prints are an option.

Another advantage of silk printing is high efficiency. If you are preparing promotional bags for peak sales season, the silk printing process must be your first choice.

4.2 Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing is a new printing technique that offers bright colors and clear patterns with no color difference. It has become the most popular method of mass production due to its cost-effectiveness.The downside of heat transfer printing is that, over time, the surface may crack or peel off in a similar way to printed t-shirts.

4.3 Woven label

Woven label is also known as woven trademark label. Widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, crafts and other products. It can be made of various type of yarn, so that it can be washed and endure high temperature.

4.4 Embroidery logo

Embroidery LOGO is more commonly seen on T-shirts and hoodies, which is more sophisticated. Embroidery can be multi-colored, the more color, the higher the cost. The embroidery will make your LOGO stand out.

Unlike traditional embroidery, embroidered badges are easier to match with promotional bags, and finished bags can also be labeled with embroidery labels. Embroidered badge is helpful for solving the trouble that the customer does not reach lowest order quantity. In terms of logistics, there is no need to send the whole batch to the factory for processing, which also greatly saves the freight.


5.1 Confirm your purchase quantity and delivery date

The factory should be informed of the purchase quantity and delivery date. If a low amount is required with an early delivery, then local suppliers are recommended. For larger quantities with necessary delivery time, Chinese bag suppliers can provide cheaper prices along with excellent quality and after-sales service.

5.2 Advantages of China bag factory

China is known as the world factory for its light industry, such as the textile industry. Purchasing promotional bags from China offers a lower quotation more easily due to its complete supply chain and lower labor costs. Although there are cheaper labor costs in countries like India and Vietnam, China still provides better quality and supply overall.

China bag factory have rich experience of bag design, many famous brands built factories in here. Many large factories have their own design department.

5.3 How to find reliable China bag supplier?

There are numerous bag manufacturers in China, many of which are filled with unprofessional factories. Many customers will probably be tricked. BagsCase has the same worry, we provide another guide for you to avoid getting tricked.


Bag factories in China generally can provide sample making service. The purpose of making a bag sample is to show the effect and defects of the product, customer and the designer can check the bag before putting it into mass production. After checking out the sample, factory can improve the bag products based on customers’ need. Also, some customers want to check the sample to see if the product is well enough as expected. Samples can test the production level of a bag factory and the skills of solving problem.Also duffel-and-tote-bag

6.1 Customization service

  • Unless the customer requires products in stock, otherwise most of them will order customized bag products. Here we list some of the main services for you:

  • Material customization: We can provide all kinds of materials according to your requirements, from zippers to fabrics. If you are new to the industry, that’s OK, we can recommend suitable products based on your requirements and target market.

  • Color customization: Except customers’ required colors, we can recommend other fashion color collocations.

  • LOGO customization: Customers can choose the method of printing like we mentioned above. The form of the LOGO are unlimited and can be printed in any place of the bag. The LOGO can be patterns or sentences.See bag pack logo the ultimate guide here;

6.2 How long does sample making take?

The time of sample making can be different according to different customization requirements. Most of the promotional bag samples can be delivered to your place in 7-10 work days.See how do bag manufacturers make their bags ?


The time of delivery is settled on the basis of purchase quantity and the complexity of production. That is to say, if the structure of the promotional bag is complex and required large quantity, then the time of production will be longer, otherwise it’ll be shorter.

Logistics: there are 3 ways for you.

  • Sea transportation charge the lowest but it’s the slowest. Customers who purchase large quantity and have enough time had better choose sea transportation, because it can reduce shipping cost.

  • Air transportation charge the highest but it’s the quickest. Suitable for customer who place urgent and small quantity order.

Land transportation charges medium and requires medium time. It has an advantage that others don’t have: they can deliver the goods to assigned place, which we called express service. But its disadvantage is inevitable: they can’t drive vehicles across the sea.

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