From Research and Product Development To The Final Solution.

Our professional bags & case product development and sewing team works with the latest technology create the exact product you need. Our extensive experience and knowledge of prototype development, materials, and construction allows us to transform the most challenging ideas into a custom-sewn and sealed product that meets the fit, form, and function of your application’s specifications.

To meet your expectations, we provide the following services for your product development and sewing:

Design for manufacturability Engineering to meet customer performance testing (tensile testing, fatigue testing, drop testing, water ingress etc.) 3D CAD renderings Bill of Materials (BOM) management Prototype development Prototype & Document control Product cost estimates.

Our prototype development and sewing creation process is simple: we online meeting with you, review the product realization document and recommend materials, create the patterns and prototype the solution. We will make immediate adjustments to the pattern as necessary and update the sewn solution. For all sewn products, we can work from simple sketches or DXF files to come up with the perfect solution for your project. From the product realization document, we are able to efficiently determine the appropriate materials and test criteria for the project. 

We employ the most appropriate fabrication techniques and advanced manufacturing methods throughout your product development and engineering process. We also streamline production by engaging our factories or supply chain partners early in our process to make full use of the expertise. 

At BagsCase custom solutions, we always aim to work closely with our customers in producing the best possible solution. Our expertise in bags & case product development and sewing allows us to develop the most challenging custom concepts. Examples of our projects include more on our cases page. 

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