About BagsCase

Over 19 Years of Soft and Hard Custom Carrying Case Manufacturing

What We Do

We are the fastest developing custom bags & case supplier in the planet.

What We Do

BagsCase is a diverse international manufacturer of hard cases and soft sided custom carrying cases, bags and holsters. We serve various industries, including army, medical, athletics, computers, electronics, optical, tooling, cosmetics and travel.

How We Work

As an international manufacturer of bespoke hard cases and soft-sided carrying cases, bags, and holsters based in China, we provide services to a wide range of sectors including military, healthcare, sports, computer & electronics industries as well as travel & cosmetics markets. We offer exceptional communication with clients along with tighter quality control for efficient production results that are delivered on time at competitive prices. 

• Over the last 20 years we have overcome language barriers and cultural differences while maintaining consistent standards worldwide from concept to completion or just adding a logo onto existing items.

Customer -Oriented

We sell items globally with our commitment to innovation and customer service. Our China and Asian facilities offer high quality, large volumes, and low prices products worldwide. And our Xiamen factory specializes in rapid turnaround of high-quality holsters directly dropshipping from China. We also has warehouses in the USA and Europe that manage inventory for customers placing big orders; cases are stored there until they are needed by the customer. We are always commit to finding innovative ways of serving the customers while furthering our business objectives as we did when first established.

How We Started

The CEO, founder, and chairman is Mr. Richard Zeng. he became involved in the bag business after graduating. Mr. Richard has created and produced bags and cases for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies since 2004. Mr Richard has been exposed to hundreds of technical and design solutions as well as various production techniques thanks to this exceptional experience. In Xiamen, China, which is ideally situated less than an hour from Shanghai and Shenzhen International Airport, Mr. Richard constructed the first factory for soft stitched bags in 2008. The team manufactures the finest quality bespoke carrying cases for rapid turnaround, particularly for the USA and European markets, with 1,800 people worldwide and over 450,000 square feet of factory and warehouse space at the U.S. and European sites.


Why Us

Soft and Hard Custom Case Manufacturer – BagsCase

120,000 pieces produced daily

We appreciate you visiting our website.Welcome to the official website of BagsCase, a leading custom sewn bags manufacturer. We offer a wide range of products, including soft sewn bags, backpacks, cases, and more. Contact us today to learn more!

Our History

Stay Driven

China joined the WTO in 2001, leading to a significant increase in exports and imports over the next 19 years. In 2002, Richard Zeng discovered the potential need for cross-cultural trade during a brief stint as a merchandiser trainee for an exporter in Xiamen. As result of this discovery he took his first “driving move” towards independence by creating his own plant for bags and cases in Xiamen and sending out sourcing teams across China to explore new manufacturing partners within different industries such as soft sewn, welding and EVA cases sectors throughout China. When Covid 19 broke out, Richard’s team banded together with their partners to provide masks & medical supplies while remaining silent through global isolation caused by Covid-19 pandemic. And built wider products supplying worldwide at the same time.

BagsCase expanded their supply facilities to include Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Weoffer superior bespoke bags and case solutions with a focus on quality, pricing, delivery time, and designs. We encourages customers to drive alongside them for convenience of purchases and mission-building.


From their perspective, becoming an OEM maker just made sense. It turns out that you can start a business and hire plenty of individuals who are passionate about assisting others in achieving success and the spotlight. Being “Driven Together” is how we describe that. We were one of the first to go for holster manufacturers in China.

We’ll take care of all the behind-the-scenes aspects required to produce and promote profitable items. When you have a presence in key manufacturing nations like China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam, problems like language difficulties, quality control, industrial design, and shipping logistics aren’t difficult to solve. That is how we can make sure you succeed. Being the owners and operators of these facilities has allowed us to iron out all the kinks in the production process long ago. 

Currently, BagsCase has a sewing division in Xiamen for any urgent soft-sewn product manufacturing and prototype. For our clients who are more price-conscious, we can also produce similar things in China and Asia. Our semi-hard and hard cases, as well as the bespoke foam, are made by a few neighbouring EVA companies and plastics and holster manufacturers in China facilities, in addition to our long history of sewing production.

BagsCase’s soft-sewn carrying factory was established by Mr. Richard in 2008 in Xiamen, China, which is ideally situated around an hour’s flight from Shanghai and Hong Kong. The team manufactures the finest quality bespoke carrying cases for rapid turnaround, primarily for the USA & Western European markets, with 1,500 people worldwide and over 450,000 square feet of factory and warehouse space at the U.S. and European sites.

No one in China has sewed and sold more personalised bags and cases over the past 20 years. Our excellent service complements our high-quality goods and competitive pricing to great effect. We have a laser-like concentration on supporting your manufacturing objectives because we are confident that once your products meet our service, we will be Driven Together.


Headquarters Locations

Corporate headquarters is in Xiamen, Fujian which contains our domestic soft sewn division and our nearby hard case manufacturing facilities.

Asia Locations

  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam

China (Multiple) Locations

  • Dongguan
  • Guangzhou
  • Shaodong
  • Xiamen
  • Quanzhou
  • Yiwu
  • Suzhou
  • Pinghu
  • Baigou
  • Nanjing
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